System Certification

      The company adheres to the principle of customer first and quality first in all production and business activities, establishes a strong sense of worry, guarantees high-quality products with high-quality work, and satisfies customers with dedicated service. "Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, and unrivalled position in the market with products of high quality and reasonable price and dedicated service" are our eternal pursuit.

     The object of quality system certification is not a certain product or service of the enterprise, but the quality system itself. Of course, the quality system certification will necessarily involve the certification of the overall quality system including the products or services covered by the system,
     ①Organizational structure—reasonable organizational structure and clear responsibilities, authorities and coordination;
     ② Procedures—documented procedures and work instructions that are in place are the basis for process operations and activities;
     ③ Process-The effective implementation of the quality management system is achieved through the effective operation of its required processes;
     ④ Resources—Required, sufficient and suitable resources include personnel, funds, and facilities. Equipment, materials, energy, technology and methods.

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