Company profile

        Jiangsu Zhongying Wire Rope Co., Ltd. is the third production base of wire products invested by the parent company-Jiangsu Zhongying Steel Rope Co., Ltd. It has three production bases, they are Nantong factory - Zhongying Steel Rope (Founded 2003), Yancheng factory - Zhongying Steel cable (Founded in 2017) and Yangzhou factory - Zhongying Wire Rope (Founded in 2017).

        Jiangsu Zhongying Wire Rope Co., Ltd. is located in the High-tech industrial park of Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province, China. It is the first-class international production base which produce the new type of steel cable, steel  wire cable, steel wire and hardware rigging. Products are mainly used in the construction machinery, elevators, cola, petroleum, ports, automobiles and other fields. 

        The company invested amount of 200 million yuan. The factory covers an area of more than 100 acres with the standardized factory building of 40,000 square meters. The total staff will be over 400 employees. After completion, it will be formed with steel wire ropes for harbors, engineering machinery, elevators, conveyor belts, and mine hanging baskets and various coated steel wire production bases with an annual output of 50,000 tons.

        In order to respond to the country's increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, the company spent huge money on three major transformations of traditional cable equipment. First, using the new gas stove instead of old coal muffle. Second, using straight into type wire drawing machine instead of original water tank type wire drawing machine. Third, using mechanical shell descaling system instead of the original pickling. The company is committed to protecting resources and sustainable development. We are going to achieving clean and pollution-free production, contributing to the national environmental cause.

        With more than 20 years of steel wire rope manufacturing experience, as well as optimization & promotion of steel wire rope production equipment, process, equipment, quality control and other links, the production of new wire ropes will be more reasonable and efficient, the product quality will also be better and more stable.

        The main direction of development of the company is insisting on the production quality. We are now committing to supply high-quality steel rope with the spirit of ingenuity and providing customers with better products and services continuously in both domestic and overseas markets.

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