Daily lubrication maintenance and anti-rust measures of steel wire rope
       With the improvement of customer demand and the high-end and high-quality development strategy of steel wire rope enterprises, domestic steel wire rope and cable grease enterprises have comprehensively improved their varieties, quality, and market competitiveness after ten years of scientific research, production and technical services. In the domestic and foreign markets, a full range of lubricating and anti-corrosion products for metal products from mid-end to high-end have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and some products have passed safety certification and ROHS certification, serving domestic high-end steel wire rope, cable, and steel wire manufacturers and An internationally renowned company provides comprehensive solutions for the lubrication and rust prevention of high-end metal products.

   1. Lubrication and maintenance of elevator wire ropes
Elevator wire rope is a tool that transfers power by friction. It works frequently and runs fast. It requires good friction between the wire rope and the traction sheave, and good lubricity between the wires and strands. , The maintenance oil must have good permeability, and the grease must have good adhesion to achieve safe, stable and long-life operation. This requires the grease to achieve the following properties: the elevator rope hemp core grease must have a high viscosity to slowly supply lubricant to the outer steel wire; the surface grease must have good adhesion and a large friction coefficient; the maintenance oil must also have good Permeability and ease of construction.

       2. Anticorrosive grease for steel core aluminum stranded wire and aluminum stranded wire
   Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire and aluminum stranded wire are used as overhead conductors. They work under harsh conditions and require anti-corrosion treatment. This is an internationally accepted practice. European and international electricians have relevant standards, and bridge steel cables also need anti-corrosion treatment. The steel core aluminum stranded wire anticorrosive grease has high dropping point, good low temperature adhesion, neutral grease, good rust resistance, and meets the two standards of BSEN50326 and IEC61394. Become the designated grease purchased by famous foreign companies in China.

   3. Anti-rust agent for smooth steel wire and galvanized steel wire
  The smooth steel wire has two to three months before the customer is further processed. Under the atmospheric environment, rust and black will reduce the image of the product and the strength of the steel wire. The anti-rust agent forms a molecular anti-rust film on the surface of the steel wire, which consumes 0.3 kilograms per ton of wire. It is applied online, no additional processes are added, and the cost is low. The anti-rust period is more than four months. This anti-rust agent does not affect the next processing, electroplating, and coating processes of the product.

   Galvanized steel wire will grow hairy and white rust in a humid environment, which directly affects the product image and sales. The rust inhibitor for galvanized steel wire can effectively prevent white rust and keep the metal silver. After dry film, it has strong water resistance, high and low temperature stability, good metal adhesion, online painting, no additional processes, 0.5 kg per ton consumption, and low rust prevention cost.

  4. Anti-rust lubricating grease for port machinery steel wire rope
   Port machinery wire ropes work with high strength and heavy load, and have high standards for the strength and life of the wire ropes. It is more important to choose high-quality grease. IRIS-655, IRIS-255, and IRIS-200 are comparable in quality to imported products, and have been produced, used and verified by many domestic companies for many years. The product has the characteristics of high dropping point, strong adhesion, good anti-rust lubricity.

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