What to pay attention to when using wire rope buckles
The relationship between the wire rope buckle and the wire rope is very close, and it is widely used in the lifting work. What problems should we pay attention to when we use this product?

First of all, during our use, we need to tighten the U-shaped bolts of the product, and the internal wire rope needs to be biased to a degree of one-third. Because the deformation occurs during the pressing process, we also need to tighten the second time in the process of receiving the force, which can also ensure the firmness of the joint.

Secondly, when we fix the wire rope end, there are two methods for us to choose and use. One is through the double-tacking method, and the other is the single-tacking method.

What is a single tack? This method can be used on both ends of the product, and if it is a double bar tacking, it is mainly to fix the rope ends. The use of the clip must be suitable for the thickness of the product, and the net distance cannot be adjusted too much.

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