Inspection and scrapping of wire rope
During the hoisting process of the crane, the wire rope constantly passes through the pulleys and drum rope grooves, not only being stretched, squeezed, friction, but also torsion. When the wire rope passes through a series of pulleys, it is constantly bent and squeezed. Repeated action, fatigue causes broken wire, then gradually occurs and develops. Due to various factors such as wear and corrosion, the development of broken wires has been aggravated, and the wire rope will eventually fail completely. Therefore, a comprehensive inspection of the wire rope on a regular basis is necessary to eliminate the hidden dangers of the wire rope and ensure the safe operation of the crane.

According to the crane's maintenance specifications, the wire rope should be visually inspected once a week. Perform detailed inspections once a month. When it is found that the wire rope is worn or broken, it is necessary to make a judgment of continued use or scrap according to the seriousness of the situation. For the wire broken phenomenon that occurs in the initial use of the wire rope, strengthen observation and inspection, and pay attention to it. Development situation, for individual broken wire burrs, should be removed with clamps as much as possible, so as to avoid the harmful effects of wire broken stubble sticking out of the rope strands.

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